We all need a partner at the end of the day. This is because as humans, we have certain physical and emotional needs that can be satisfied only when we have a partner to confide in. However, this does not always mean that we are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Best Hookup Apps

This is the age when we are so burdened with work that we just have no energy and enthusiasm for added drama in life. This is why you must read ahead to know about the best hookup apps that exist.

List of Top 5 Best Hookup Apps:

1. Tinder


Tinder is one of the most common names that are bound to pop up as soon as you search online regarding the best hookup apps. This is an application that was launched in 2012 and is location specific. This means that people close by can be located on it. In fact, it became an instant hit and I am sure that even if you have not used it yet, you must have heard of it from your friends or cousins. All you need to do is use your Facebook account to login. The concept is that you swipe left when you need to reject someone and swipe right when you have to accept them. when both of you swipe right, it is a “match”. Then you can engage in further conversation and meet. In fact, you can also link your Instagram account to your Tinder profile so that people get to know you better.

2. Bumble


Second in our special handpicked list for you is Bumble. First, you must note that it was founded by the co-founder of Tinder. This is the main reason as to why you will be able to notice a plethora of similarities between the two applications. In case of Bumble, again you need to make use of your Facebook profile when you need to make an account here. You just need to post a profile picture and add important details regarding your education, work as well as hobbies. This way, potential partners get to know more about here. Here too, you need to swipe left or right and also have the option to undo a left swipe that you have previously done. A great feature here is the BFF mode where you can look for platonic relations. Last but not the least, the one reason as to why this app stands apart from its competitors is that women get the chance to initiate conversation first and if the man does not respond within 24 hours, then it’s gone. This is just like the Snapchat and Instagram stories we have.

3. Happn:


This is an application that has been endorsed by a lot of mini-celebrities who are popular on social media. What happens in this application is that you need to make your account using your Facebook details. Next, the application shows people who have been within a distance of 250 meters of you. in fact, it will also show the number of times you people have been in such close proximity. Instead of swiping on this application, you need to like or dislike the profile. When both the people like each other’s profiles, it’s a match. You can also make use of coins that can be purchased within the app to let someone know that you are interested in having a conversation and maybe a little more with them. The one reason that has made this portal go viral is that also uses Spotify. This means that you can easily get to know about the choice of music someone has. this can be vital and highly integral for all music lovers out there.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel:

Coffee Meets Bagel

For those who are new to this app, it may take some time to be able to understand the concept fully. Also known by the short form of CMB, this is a hookup apps which encourages people to meet the most. What happens is that you get a window of 8 days to chat with someone that you have been able to click on. After this period, the chat box disappears automatically. This is irrespective of the fact whether you two actually had a conversation or not. This means that you have to meet face to face so that the relation can be taken a step ahead. In fact, here too the woman has to initiate the conversation but it is different if you are in for the LGBT community. Last but not the least, one drawback of this app is that if you reject someone, then you need to specify the reason and the other person may be notified about this.

5. Grindr & Blendr

grindr blendr

Last but not the least, we have Grindr & Blendr. Well, these are two different apps that we have clubbed together in one pint. The reason behind this is that both the platforms have the same founder. Grindr is an application that is only for men. This is why it was able to gain instant fame. However, one of its drawbacks and the reasons why it has been in controversy is the fact that it has been used extensively as a means to sell drugs. On the other hand, Blendr is for heterosexuals who are looking for causal relationships and do not have the commitment on their mind at all.

Benefits of Using Hookup Apps:

  1. You get a lot of options: When you use the best hookup apps around you, you can be sure to find a number of probable matches. This is like a pond where there are several fish to catch.
  2. You both know that it is casual: You both know that there is no question of commitment. This is because these are meant for hookups and not a long-term relationship.
  3. You get to know all about their personality in advance: Last but not the least, you get to know about their hobbies, education and work in advance so you can form a rough sketch about their personality.

Now that you know all about the top 5 best hookup apps, you must make your account as soon as possible and meet him or her out there. Hurry before they’re taken away by someone else!